I am a #LiberatedWoman, and you?

Perhaps you think you are a liberated woman, but don鈥檛 you sometimes have this kind of thoughts?
– I’m worse, uglier than others.
– Others have succeeded in life, and I still have a lot of difficulties.
– I’m ashamed to show myself to other people. How can others respect me when I don鈥檛 respect myself?

And what about your ability to forgive? Aren鈥檛 you holding a grudge against someone? Aren鈥檛 you experiencing pain at the very thought of a person who hurt you?

If so, then true liberation is only before you.

To get through this, you need someone who will show you unconditional acceptance regardless of your deficiencies, defects, unnecessary kilograms or wrinkles. Someone who loves you despite, not for what you do or what you are.

Do you have such a person?

Maybe it鈥檚 your dad or a man you love. If you have someone like that, then you’re lucky. But even the best father or husband cannot be by your side all the time, you can鈥檛 be sure of whether they鈥檒l ever let you down. They鈥檙e only human.

You need someone who will always be with you and who will never hurt you.

I want you to know that there is someone like that! And He鈥檚 been waiting for a long time for you to know Him and to answer His love call.

It鈥檚 Jesus who loves us and washed us from our sins in his own blood (Rev 1,5)

Note that Jesus says that He loves you NOW, He not only loved you when He was dying on the cross for you, but He loves you TODAY. He is looking for contact with You and is looking for your own good!

Rev 3,20
Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

Therefore, stop complaining, feeling sorry for yourself, waiting for a Price Charming who may never come and BECOME A WOMAN LIBERATED by your greatest devotee, Jesus Christ!

If you choose this relationship, you will never be disappointed and you will never be abandoned.

Heb 13,5
I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.

Today, pseudo-liberated women have gone out into the streets under #CzarnyPi膮tek (BlackFriday) and are demanding the right to kill their children. We want to show you real liberation and true freedom. You can also become a #LiberatedWoman, liberated forever! We are waiting for your photo!

Join us! Join our movement!

Send your photo:
[email protected]


fot. Maciej Ziegler –聽http://maciejziegler.com

3 komentarze

  • marta

    I think you are silly woman, just try to not watching your father and his good friend who finisht primary school and their talking about strategies to the world. Hope you do not delate it, as usuall you do . your faithfull

  • Piotr

    @Marta -> wow, really? Here’s a piece of advice for you: please make sure that your English is proper (not gibberish) BEFORE you post anything. You tried to sound and look posh and clever, but your simple mistakes made you look silly…
    1st. should be a „.” (dot, full stop and a new sentence) after „woman”. 2nd => silly mistake „try to not watching” -> should be „try not to watch” (but best would’ve been: „stop watching”). 3rd what is „finisht”? => maybe you were thinking of „finished”?. 4th „strategies FOR” not 'to’. 5th „delete” NOT 'delate’. 6th „usually” => not 'usuall” and finally -> 7th „yours faithfully” => not 'your faithfull’.
    Please, c’mon chill… If you’ve no idea how to write in English just use Polish instead, because you make your teacher look incompetent. Give yourself one more year of learning and then start writing in public, but ONLY when you have ANYTHING worth mentioning. Have a great day!

  • Burnaby

    Doesn’t your daddy preach that what women really want and need is a „real man” to marry? Doesn’t he say that all major decisions should be made by the man and the woman’s role is quiet obedience and acceptance? Do you think this is what „liberation” means?

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