5 things we owe our father! The pastor’s 55th birthday present

,,He always said to me: We don’t fear problems, we solve them!’’. ,,He gave us an example that you can live the way you say’’. ,,Since our childhood we knew the EU is not cool…’’ – knowing out father, Pastor Paweł Chojecki does not like gifts, we found another way to celebrate his 55th birthday – each of us wrote five things we owe him.


1. First and foremost I learned about Jesus, what He did for us and as a result I let Him into my heart. Dad was always next to me ready to answer any question about the contents and reliability of the Bible.

2. I owe my Dad moral backbone. He inculcated values I try to stick with and gave an example that you can live the way you say. All my live he assists me in following Jesus and reprimands when I go off the course.

3. Dad inculcated in me patriotism, Polish history interest and that it is worth sacrificing for your own country.

4. After making constant corrections of me, which was a bit bothering :), he taught me: you have to improve your skills constantly.

5. He passed onto me DIY and carpentry skills.


1. First of all I cannot imagine better father than I already have! It seems to me often I am not thankful for my parents as much as I should be. Today I want to thank mostly God for giving me a loving father. Thanks to him, it is easier for me to imagine the love of God towards me. I know, often fathers fall behind God’s model that is why I wanted to share what I owe mine.

2. Since being a child I watched my father, knowing he lives for bigger goals, has true dedication to a mission. I did not always understand it but I knew my father was firmly attached to his worldview. When I was 12, fully aware, I called Jesus for salvation. I think that if my parents hadn’t love Jesus as they do, I would have converted much later. I want to thank them for that primarily.

3. I also owe my father because from my childhood he has been encouraging me to fight with my weaknesses and do everything the best way you can. I shouldn’t care what everyone else think, just do my job. Many times he persuaded me, individuals change history, great challenges are waiting for us that is why I must focus on crucial things.

4. Dad always believed I can make it. When I was sad, he always said to me ,,We don’t fear problems, we solve them!’’. During hard times when I thought, I’m dead loss at everything, loving Dad was always waiting for me at home! It was especially important while being hurt by other people. Then he was right next to me saying: ,,It’s natural, remember people are boors!’’.

5. Though sometimes having trouble understanding all of this, now I see these words were the best treatment. I thank my Dad for teaching me constantly how to rely on Jesus and His Word. I am grateful, he is the proof people can live through faith.


1. Since I was a child, I knew my father and mother will go to heaven. Not cause they are perfect (although they are tremendous!), but because they asked Jesus for salvation and received it as promised in The Bible. For the most part that is why I converted and called upon The Lord. I’m the most grateful to my parents and God for that!

2. I’m thankful to my father for showing us the true colors of the world, not as the politicians and mainstream media would like us to perceive it. Since our childhood we knew the EU is not cool (despite almost everyone in school being in favor of it). We knew socialism and evolution stinks, The American Civil War wasn’t about slavery and Serbs weren’t main perpetrators of the Yugoslavian war. Because our Dad talked to us about serious issues, we learned how to think independently and not always believing in ,,official version of events’’.

3. Dad supported us all the time. No matter what, I can’t remember him to ever not having time for us; to play, talk or explain something. Though having rebellious episode in my life, I knew Dad loves me. This helped me return back on the right track.

4. My father is a dreamer but also a man of action. He taught us to do greater things step by step, not just daydreaming. He often said: ,,There is nothing, God can’t do. If he wants us to win, we win’’. And so it was!

5. Cornelia and Timothy wrote the truth. Our father lives the way he says. Children know their parents the best. You can believe it or not, Dad is our example of daily living in truth and righteousness – for God.

Dad, we know you don’t like birthday wishes, so we will make it simple: You are the very best father God could ever give to us!

Patryk, thank you for the translation!

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